Based in Vancouver, we are a team of health care professionals who recognize the need for professionally-educated instructors who can teach insightful hands-on training based on real world experiences.

Our company name is derived from the hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which represents our passion for providing critical care to our patients. It’s our mission to empower our students with affordable and insightful first aid training to make a positive difference in an emergency.

Canadian Red Cross Training Partner


We are conveniently located at : Unit 208 (second floor), 223 W Broadway, Vancouver BC, V5Y 1P5. If you want us to provide training at your location, please contact us for more information.

If you take transit, our location is several minutes walk from Broadway-City hall and the 09 and 99 bus. If you plan to drive, parking is available at the Jonathan Rogers Park nearby. 

Main entrance to 2nd floor (unit 208)

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