N95 (KN95) Mask Fitting

  • Price $49.99
  • Total Duration 30 mins

Attention: We have the following N95/KN95 masks available:

  1. 3M N95 1860s
  2. 3M N95 1860
  3. 3M N95 1870+
  4. AllMed KN95 P220002

By default, we supply the AllMed KN95 P220002 mask for fit test. If you would like us to supply the 3M N95 masks, there is an additional $10 fee. Due to the global shortage of N95 masks, we can only supply one mask per fit test. 

The N95 Qualitative Respiratory Mask Fit test is a process for fitting individuals with the appropriate mask to protect the wearer from airborne transmissible contaminants. Mask fit tests are conducted annually to provide the wearer a specifically fitted masks to be used in their designated workplace. Examples of professionals that require mask fitting includes health care providers such as nurses in the clinical setting working in direct patient care.

Covid-19 update

  • All participants must wear a mask (cloth or surgical) during the in-person session
  • If you do not have a mask (cloth or surgical), we can provide you with a mask for a $2 fee


Prior to the N95 mask fitting, please ensure to:

  • Not eat or drink 15 minutes prior (except for water).
  • Not smoke 15 minutes prior
  • Shave to remove any facial hair to ensure proper seal of the mask to your face.

Completion requirements

100% participation

Upon completion

A N95 mask fit certification will be issued that’s valid for 1 year.

Upcoming Sessions for
N95 (KN95) Mask Fitting

  • Vancouver
    30 mins total
    At Unit 208 223 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P5


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